The Western New York American Society for Microbiology Fall Symposium will be held on
Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 (4-8:30PM). As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to display/distribute literature related to laboratory and
pharmaceutical products.

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The Program for the Fall Symposium: A Taste Of Bacteriophage

  • Megan Ulbrich, BS, PhD Candidate – “Special Delivery: A Novel Vibrio cholerae Protein Remodels Host Cytoskeletal Structures.”
  • Kathryn Kaufman, PhD – “Resolving the Structure of Phage-bacteria Interactions, from the Ocean to the Oral Microbiome”
  • Mark Gallo, PhD – “Isolation of Bacteriophage from Whitetail Deer, Odocoileus virginianus: I Study Deer Snot!”
  • Patrick Kenney, MD, MS – “Bacteriophage Discovery in Buffalo: Successes and Challenges”
  • Karen Maxwell, PhD – “Off-switches for CRISPR-Cas9: From Phage Biology to Biotechnology”
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