Dear WNY ASM Members and Microbiology Community Friends,

I am honored to be your President for the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Western New York Branch. The past few years has reminded us how important our field is, so I appreciate your continued dedication and perseverance in these trying times. With our community’s support, we will continue to face and overcome new challenges

The mission and objectives of our organization are to foster interaction among microbiologists in the Western New York State region, to promote scientific knowledge of microbiology and related subjects, and to improve education in microbiology and related fields. To fulfill these objectives, we have traditionally supported biannual continuing education meetings that include accomplished speakers discussing cutting edge findings on exciting topics in microbiology. We will continue supporting these meetings during my time as President.

Our branch planning committee is always looking for new opportunities to continue to support education and development in the microbiology field for members from Western New York. Please contact us if there are suggestions for new avenues you want to see this organization pursue.

We want to support our members in their mission of excellence in research, education and patient care. I thank all members for your interest in our branch, participation at meetings, and valuable contributions as speakers or organizers. Thanks to your active participation, we will continue to have a successful Western New York Branch of the ASM that serves our microbiology community.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Daniel Hicar, MD, PhD

President WNY ASM Branch